«Polimerlak» — is currently the only company in Ukraine that produces acrylic adhesives. It entered the paint and varnish products market in 1993 in the status of a production and commercial company. Thanks to the active activity and the staff of professionals, we have grown to a high-tech production. In 2007, our company launched a project called «Production of acrylic and silicone sealants, adhesives». Within its framework, products of the LACRYSIL trademark are produced. The convenience of use, high quality and affordable prices of these products were appreciated by buyers, so the project is successfully developing today.

Within the framework of the company’s activities, its own Scientific, Technical and Research centers operate. Thus, the first one is responsible for the development of regulatory and technical documents for the production of products, provides information and advice on the choice of LACRYSIL TM products and the rules for their application.

The research center operates on the basis of an accredited modern laboratory. In order to maintain the quality of goods at the highest level, the laboratory specialists constantly examine and test products. They also conduct research, creating and testing the latest formulations of acrylic copolymers, introducing them into production, working out the methodology for using new products.

The adhesives and sealants produced by us are manufactured using innovative equipment from reputable manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. Their quality meets all European requirements and standards, since it is controlled at every stage of production: from checking the main raw materials and additional materials to testing the finished products.

Making a choice in favor of LACRYSIL TM products, you can not doubt their reliability and durability!

Official website of the partner  https://lacrysil.ua/