The trading and production company CJSC DESCARTES produces and sells paint and varnish materials of the HUSKY, JOBI, Olimp and EXPERT trademarks on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, which successfully compete with recognized world and domestic brands.
The company «DESCARTES» was founded in 1992. The industrial, technical, personnel and creative potential accumulated over two decades makes DESCARTES one of the most efficient and dynamically developing companies on the Russian paint and varnish products market.
The main priority of the DESCARTES company is the high quality of its products. Production facilities equipped with the latest technology, a high level of specialists, high-quality European raw materials, effective quality control allow us to produce products that successfully compete with the best European manufacturers.

 Own trademarks

Currently, DESCARTES produces a full range of paint and varnish products under its own trademarks:
HUSKY® — Eco-friendly 100% water-based acrylic paints are produced under this trademark. Paints produced under the HUSKY trademark are distinguished by the ease of achieving a highly professional result. In the production of HUSKY paints, the highest quality components are used — 100% acrylic binder, natural marble, titanium pigment TiO2. 100% acrylic binder provides increased adhesion, a high level of moisture resistance and resistance to atmospheric effects. The service life of paint coatings made with these paints is at least 12 years.
JOBI® — these products are manufactured in strict accordance with the technology and standards of the German paint and varnish industry. JOBI®paints, enamels, lacquers, plasters and mounting foams guarantee excellent quality and durability.
OLIMP® — the success of products manufactured under this trademark is ensured by the use of the best achievements of the modern paint and varnish industry in combination with the requirements of Russian consumers. When creating OLIMP® products, the standards and experience of Russian construction organizations are taken into account.
«EXPERT»® is a traditional, well-known paint and varnish materials in Russia, improved through the use of modern technologies and high-quality raw materials. Expert® products are designed for high-quality and economical repair and construction.
DEKART®Color — the DEKART® Color tinting system has been developed specifically for the paints, enamels, lacquers and plasters produced by the enterprise together with the CPS Color®concern. The system provides fast and accurate color selection according to the catalogues of RAL, Monochrome, Colortrend, NCS, Trox, Coltec Wood.

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