The brand “Dyo” began its promotion with a store that Durmush Yashar opened in Izmir at the Sheritchiler Market in 1927. Subsequently, the trademark ” Dyo ” became one of the leading brands.

The peculiarity of the «Yaşarın» (Yashar’s Paints) and “Hazırlanmış Boya «(Prepared paints) paint brands presented on the market during this period of time is that they became the first local brands of paint and varnish products in Turkey. And already in 1954, according to the initiative of the founder of the Yaşar Group company — Selcuk Yashar, the first and only factory for the production of paint and varnish products in Turkey at that time was founded in Bornova.

The DYO trademark, gaining momentum and developing over the years thanks to continuous investments, has won a well-known name in the market. Constant effective growth allowed in 1984 in Gebze to launch a factory for the production of paint and varnish products of the DYO brand — Yasaş Yaşar Boya ve Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş.

And already in 1997, in order to meet the increased needs of the market, the largest plant for the production of paint and varnish products in the Izmir Ataturk Organizational Zone was put into operation.

In 2002, the plant was given an independent name-DYO Boya Fabrikaları Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş.

During the period of its active growth from the moment of its foundation to the present day, paint and varnish products of the DYO brand are represented not only in Turkey, but also in Romania, Russia and Egypt, where production and sales of products are established. By exporting to many countries of the world, our company has acquired the status of an international one.

The production of paint and varnish products of the DYO brand in Turkey is realized at factories in Chigli and in Dilovasi. The factory located in Dilovasy is equipped with a high-tech production line, the production process is constantly updated in accordance with the development of technological thought. This factory produces construction paints and chemicals, the plant, operating on an area of 65 thousand square meters, has a production capacity of 150 thousand tons of finished products per year. The factory, located in Chigli Izmir, is equipped with the use of advanced technologies and has a significant production capacity, in comparison with structures of a similar size, for the production of furniture paints, lacquers, industrial paints, car repair paints, water — resistant paints for marine vessels, alkyd paints and a special — purpose protective coating-polyester-94 thousand tons per year. The production facility is located on an area of 67 thousand square meters. The parameters of the factory allow us to talk about it as the largest production enterprise of the paint and varnish sector in Turkey.

Being one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Turkey, the DYO brand carries out significant investment activities abroad. In Egypt, in partnership with Sipes, there are factories for the production of paints for car repair work and paint for furniture, under the trade name DYO in Romania there is and operates a factory of construction paints, and in Russia there is and operates a trade and marketing production complex «KEMIPEX». All enterprises in Russia, Egypt and Romania work as components of one whole-Yashar Holding.

Today, after 58 years of successful activity in the paint and varnish production sector, we present the widest range of products of the DYO trademark. Creating paints for the construction sector, thermal insulation coatings, paints for furniture, cars and water-resistant paints for ships under the DYO brand, we are the only company that has developed 5 sub-sectors within the same industrial sector.

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